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Sal and Amanda Take the Morgan Victory March to the Battle of Cowpens chapter book &
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Sal & Amanda Visit Walnut Grove Plantation chapter book & Cool With Sal and Amanda activity workbook

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Clara Gramling, a third grader at Campobello Gramling Elementary, sure loved her Sal and Amanda Visit Walnut Grove Plantation. Here’s a letter she wrote to Dr. Solesbee.

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This book is a reason to celebrate! Finally a book about South Carolina’s rich contributions to the Revolutionary War! Sal and Amanda Visit Walnut Grove is a rolling adventure where fact meets fun. My third grade students can’t get enough of Sal and Amanda! Whether we are learning from the no-nonsense tour guide, Mrs. Betsy, or the back and forth banter of Sal and his sister, Amanda, facts come to life in this piece of historical fiction. This book is a must have for visitors to the plantation or students of SC history. It covers history from English settlers through Antebellum times. It is the perfect way to build schema or review at the end of the year. We can’t wait for another opportunity to catch up with our favorite amphibians!

Danielle Whitlow

3rd Grade Teacher at Campobello Gramling School

This is a great book for young readers, teaching about a key historical period in our nation, The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. It helps children know that history happened “right under their feet”. An additional bonus comes in enjoyable reading that makes the Revolution and our Independence come alive.

George Fields, Ph. D.

Chaplain, Brigadier General Retired, USA; President Emeritus, Spartanburg Methodist College; Director of Military Heritage Program Palmetto Conservation Foundation

My children absolutely loved Dr. Solesbee’s first book in which Sal and Amanda explored Walnut Grove Plantation to learn all about its important history. When my third grader learned that Dr. Solesbee’s second book would be published soon, she insisted on the opportunity to meet the author. I am certain that as Sal and Amanda’s adventures continue, their interest in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War will lead to many important and exciting discoveries. Dr. Solesbee’s ability to use historical fiction to teach important facts is second to none. Our young readers are going to thoroughly enjoy this unique opportunity to learn all about this significant time in our nation’s history.

Ronald W. Garner, Ed.D.

Superintendent Spartanburg District One Schools